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Lotus Integrated Longevity/Anti-Aging Center Inc. in Voorhees, NJ is headed by Epifania Cruz, M.D. With years of experience working for various institutions, she is skilled in integrative, alternative, regenerative, and energy medicine.

At our company, we provide you other options in addressing your symptoms and disease. We offer an array of programs for your specific needs.

Periodic Health
Assessment Consult

This is a medical visit comprising a thorough evaluation of current disease and/or health conditions. We will ask for all pertinent medical records, such as traditional and alternative data, including the latest or future labs and ancillary procedures of concern. It comprises one to 240 min visits/year. It is similar to the traditional yearly physical exams.

Andropause Program

Men at 35–55 and beyond may experience:

Lack of Interest

Lack of Energy

Lack of Libido

Sudden Weight Gain

Sudden Appearance of Disease

This program is for men with good physical health and performance who suddenly experience a sudden decline in stamina and status in life.

Menopause Program

This program is for women at 55 and beyond who experience:

Lack of Energy

Lack of Libido

Lack of Interest

Mood Changes

Weight Gain


Hot Flushes

Sudden Appearance of
Disease and Mental Illness

Health Program

This program is for men and women who are in andropause and menopause. Additional diseases that are metabolic, degenerative, genetic, environmental or work-related may afflict them. The most common causes are adrenal, thyroid and pituitary hormones.

Thyroid Disorders
Health Program

Through this program, we will help you with all thyroid-related diseases and conditions, whether primary or secondary diagnoses. This may include thyroid carcinoma acute or in remission.

Metabolic Syndrome/
Disorders Program

Through this program, we will help you with all transient states of metabolic abnormalities like diabetes, other metabolic related diseases such as heart, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and musculoskeletal conditions such as Osteoporosis. This is a management and treatment geared towards disease modification.

Weight Loss/
Management Program

For conditions resulting in weight gain because of a lifestyle change, disease, work, or relationship status, we use customized weight loss protocols. We can also apply traditional weight loss treatment.

Pre/Post Athlete Health Program

This program is related to making the human body in a state of high performance prior to or after a career in professional athleticism. It’s a wide-open field of treatment using the latest medical and scientific findings within the acceptable parameters of peer-organized sports medicine body.

Neurosynergy Program

This program is for conditions related to sudden or temporary appearance of anxiety, depression, memory loss, grief, and trauma. It may either be as a symptom or as a primary cause.

Second Opinion Medical Consult

This is any medical condition or procedure requiring another physician’s evaluation and comment. It can be done as formally or informally following standard medical protocol whenever deemed necessary by the patient.

Energy Medicine Program

A faith-based approach conducted by our specific energy medicine practitioners, pastor, priest, or rabbi. This is mostly referred to as a concierge program during end-of-life care measures.

IPG Patient Coaching Programs

We have a staff of patients who are educated and certified in teaching other patients. They guide other patients on how to navigate today’s health and disease conundrum.


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